According to the Kentucky Transportation Dept., several area roads are closed because of flooding.

They are issuing a warning to all drivers to use caution when on the roads this morning.

Here is the latest report of road closures and water on the road:

Christian County
US 68 Water Over Road at 11-12mm- Signs posted
US 41 Water Over Road at 2-3mm- signs posted
US 41 Water Over Road at 32-33mm- Signs Posted
KY 345 Water Over Road at 0-1mm-Signs Posted
KY 695 Water Over Road 3-4mm- Signs posted

Henderson County
KY 1557 CLOSED at 1-3mm
KY 812 CLOSED at 1-5mm
KY 2247 CLOSED at 0-1mm

Muhlenberg County
KY 1380 Water Over Road- Signs Posted
KY 2533 Water Over road- Signs Posted
KY 2270 Water Over Road at 6-9mm- Signs posted

Union County
KY 667 CLOSED at 0-11mm
KY 668 CLOSED at 0-1mm
These two highways have not reopened since the last flood event

Webster County
KY 270 CLOSED at 7 to 8 mile marker at Crab Orchard Creek

Hopkins County
KY 502 Water Over Road at 1 to 3mm and 3 to 5mm- Signs Posted
KY 3059 Water Over Road at 1 to 2mm- Signs Posted
KY 2652/Purdy Lane CLOSED

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