Over the years, there have been numerous Holiday movies. Since it is that time of the year, I have comprised a list of my top 5 favorite Christmas movies of all time. Throughout the days leading up to the big day, I will share those movies with you in descending order.

Number 3- The Santa Clause

This film is an instant classic. The story of a man who inadvertently kills Santa, only to become Santa himself. Full off laughs, this movie is easily in my top three favorite Christmas movies of all time. As a result of The Santa Clause,  to this day, I take my hot chocolate shaken, not stirred.

I am sure you have seen this movie a few times, so no need to give you a play by play of the entire film, but here are a few fun facts about The Santa Clause courtesy of IMDB:

  • When Scott Calvin is giving alternative names for Santa Claus to the police officer in the interrogation scene, Scott imitates Ed Sullivan when he says the last name, "Topo Gigio", which is not a name for Santa, but actually the name of a small Italian mouse puppet that appeared many times on The Ed Sullivan Show (1948).
  • Tim Allen has a criminal record and Disney has a no hiring of ex-cons policy. An exception was made in this case.
  • When Scott and Charlie are leaving the North Pole in the sleigh and pass by the moon, the moon has a distinct Mickey Mouse logo on it.
  • During his tour of the workshop, Scott Calvin tries out a tool belt then shakes his head as if to indicate that tools aren't for him. This is a reference to Tim Allen's then-hit TV show, Home Improvement (1991) where his character's life (Tim "the tool man" Taylor) revolved around tools.
  • The role of Scott Calvin/Santa Claus was written with Bill Murray in mind.





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