It's just about time to pack your cooler and head to the lake, beach, park, or ballgame. Which makes it the perfect time for Igloo to announce their new, first-ever, biodegradable cooler, RECOOL.

I can remember, when I was a little girl going on vacation, with my parents wouldn't stop at a fast food restaurant or a truck stop to eat, we had a styrofoam cooler with soggy PB&J sandwiches and milk. GROSS! We had a huge collection of those white coolers in are garage. When my mom passed away and we were cleaning stuff out of the garage, we counted 17 styrofoam coolers. What are we going do with them? They never go away, they just crumble up into little pieces all over the place that won't go away. If only this cooler had been available!

The first ever biodegradable cooler lasts up to twelve hours with ice and five days with water. Take a look, here!

Get one before you head out this Summer!

[SOURCE: Igloo/Facebook]

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