Father's Day is right around the corner and has always been a bitter-sweet day for me since I lost my dad in 2002. Being a father myself is the greatest reward of my life even though I am nowhere near as good a dad as mine was, but I never stop trying to be as good as he would want me to be. I am very blessed to know some great fathers in my own circle with my father-in-law Mitch Wahlman leading the pack. Other great dads I am proud to know include Pat Phernetton, Tim Stephens, Mark Jones and my friend and co-worker Eric Cornish just to name a few.

I would like to add Andrew Tucker to that list of great dads. I don't know Andrew and you probably don't either, but after watching the below video, we will want to know him. The below video is just one of those very simple things that stands out as a shining example of how important it is to be a part of our kids' lives and to help shape them into the kind of people we hope they will become.

Andrew's little girl doesn't know it yet, but they just created a memory that will stay with her forever and will hopefully have a huge impact on the type of parent she will be. Every time she sings with her children, she will remember that moment when she and her dad made that video she will probably shed a tear or two over the gratitude that she will feel because Andrew was HER dad....and maybe feeling like she was the luckiest kid ever. I know that feeling well because I was.......the luckiest kid ever.


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