If you love going fishing, there is a new fishing contest coming to the Evansville area soon where you can hit up your favorite fishing hole for the chance to catch a big one and win some awesome prizes.

Ozanam Family Shelter in Evansville will be hosting the "Fishing for Families Fishing Contest" online from September 1st through September 30th. Unlike other fishing contests where everyone meets on a lake/river one day to see who can catch the biggest fish, this contest will be held online throughout September and YOU get to pick when and where you want to go fishing.

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Everyone who goes fishing has their own "honey hole" that they know they can do some damage at. So, during this contest, you can fish at any location you want during the timeframe. When you catch a fish that you feel is worth entering into the contest, all you have to do is send a photo of your catch/catches along with the confirmation number you receive to fish@ozanamfamilyshelter.org.

Contest categories include:

  • Heaviest fish
  • Longest fish
  • Ugliest fish
  • See the registration page for complete contest rules.


Registration is now open for the Fishing for Families contest to benefit Ozanam Family Shelter. The “catch-photo-release” contest is open to anglers of all ages and fish of all species. Simply visit ozanamfamilyshelter.org/fish to register. Entry fees are $10 for youth (16 and under) and $20 for adults (17 and over). Oh, and all entry fees are tax-deductible donations that go directly to benefit Ozanam.

For more information about the contest, call or text the Fishing for Families hotline at 812-518-5865 or Ozanam at 812-422-2214.



The Ozanam Family Shelter provides a safe emergency space for families to stay together while offering services and resources to help secure long-term housing solutions. Ozanam can service up to 19 families under one roof while providing safe, quality space, prepared meals, laundry facilities, and support services. Ozanam relies on financial and volunteer support from the local community to maintain the ability to keep families together while they work to rebuild their resources.

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