Angel here and I polled families in the Tristate and asked them how they were coping during the Covid-19 social distancing where many families are staying home, kids are out of school, and many daycare centers are closed.  Here are some of the things they shared.

Angel's Family ALL together!

I am going to be totally transparent both Joe and I don't get a lot of family time.  Our jobs require attention.  We live at a very fast pace.  We've both taken for granted what we have been missing and have often said many times when we get time or when things slow down.  Well, here we are and it's happening and WE LOVE IT.  Above is my whole family even Parker sitting watching a movie and enjoying dinner on Sunday evening.  Nobody rushed off, we laughed, cried, and really just took it in and I couldn't have been more grateful.  It did this momma's heart so well.

I have watched families watching shows together nightly.  I have watched communities come together in unity to make sure that each person is making it through.  People are checking on one another and doing random acts of kindness.

Teachers and students are enjoying the company of one another from the comforts of their homes and they are laughing and learning together not worried about state testing or whether they are meeting the scores for this or that.  They are learning and growing together.

Families are fishing, crafting, exercising, sleeping, telling stories and doing all the activities we should be doing with one another in the first place.

Many of you shared what everyone has been doing and I will admit I shed many tears reading the comments written and looking at the pictures.

Below is a photo gallery of families social distancing and you can scroll through!


Families In The Tristate Share The Positive Side of Social Distancing & It's BEAUTIFUL

I don't know if it has everything to do with all that is going on or if I am just a dramatic basket case but I have cried tears of happiness so many times during this.  I realize as I have slowed down how thankful I am for my family, my friends, our church, my job, and a million other things.

I asked my kids last night how they were doing in all this and they said: "Momma we love getting to do fun things with you every day."  We love that you have more time with us.  I was really taken back.  I make it a point to spend time with my children but over the past two weeks I have been more intentional and we haven't had to rush here and there.  We stay put when we get home.

While I know many of us are completely uncomfortable during this time I pray that you each can look for the rainbows at this time.  My prayer is we all come out of this stronger, more resilient, loving and thankful for the lives we have.

Stay strong friends and also please stay six feet away from me until this is over.

HUGS AND LOVE FROM OUR HOME TO YOURS.  We will get through this together.

And one last photo for a giggle.  Charlotte wanted to play Cinderella and wanted me to be the Fairy Godmother but also wanted me to be bossy.  I mean I can do that.  She took me to my closet picked out my outfit and my jewelry and I was made to sit in the recliner while she cleaned my house and I shouted out orders LOL.  It was like a dream come true.

Angel Welsh
Angel Welsh





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