There are few things prettier than leaves turning bright colors in the fall,  here's when the fall foliage is predicted to peak in our states.

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Photo by Paul Crook on Unsplash
Photo by Paul Crook on Unsplash

Fall Foliage

Fall is the prettiest time of year (in my opinion) because it's the time that leaves change to all kinds of bright colors before they fall off the trees. According to the Forest Service U.S. Department of Agriculture, the colors that the leaves turn to are influenced by three things the weather, length of night time, and the color of the leaf.

For years, scientists have worked to understand the changes that occur in trees and shrubs during autumn. Although we don't know all the details, we do know enough to explain the basics to help you enjoy nature's multicolored display. Three factors influence autumn leaf color:

- leaf pigments

- length of night

- weather

The timing of color changes and the onset of falling leaves is primarily regulated by the calendar as nights become longer.

Many people like to travel to places where they can really view the fall foliage, so often people will travel to places like state parks to really soak in nature's beauty.  So when is the best time to plan your fall foliage sightseeing?

Photo by aditya sankhe on Unsplash
Photo by aditya sankhe on Unsplash

Peak Fall Foliage Predictions

If you're wanting to plan a getaway to Brown County, Indiana to see the fall foliage, or maybe you want to head to Mammoth Cave State Park in Kentucky to get catch the foliage, here are the dates you'll want to schedule that PTO.

According to the Farmer's Almanac predictions for 2023, these are the fall foliage peak dates for Indiana and Kentucky:

  • Indiana- (Northern) Oct. 5-21; (Southern) Oct. 12-28
  • Kentucky - (Eastern) Oct. 5-21; (Western) Oct. 12-28

I don't know about you, but a cabin for a weekend during peak fall foliage in a state park sounds like the perfect October weekend to me! You can check out all of the fall foliage peak predictions for every state, here.

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