Evansville Regional Airport made a very exciting announcement today! They're growing at a rate 3.5X faster than peer airports! Which means exciting things in terms of growth! 

Evansville Regional Airport is currently growing at a rate 3.5X faster than their peer airports.  The growth around EVV has been noticed in recent years with the addition of several new non-stop flights. They also tweeted that they had a 35.7% pax growth since '09 (and after admittedly not knowing what that meant haha! I googled it, and "pax" means passengers)!

Evv now has 7 cities they fly to nonstop.   Atlanta, Dallas, Destin, Detroit, Charlotte, Chicago, and Orlando! But according to a recent tweet, they have no plans on stopping from there! They have also asked where their followers would want them to fly to!



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