If you enjoyed the fresh taste of Salad World on Evansville's North side, they recently posted a very bittersweet update, about when they'll be shutting the doors. 

Valentyn Volkov

I enjoy going to Salad World, and eating some of their delicious, fresh food (they're chicken ceasar wrap is second to none)! Thank fully I work within walking distance of their downtown Evansville location.  However I was sad when I saw on Facebook they'll be closing down their North side location.

Here's what they said in a recent Facebook post

Hey everyone, we have some bitter sweet news to announce. Here at Salad World, Friday May 12th will be our last day of business. We want to thank you all for being such awesome and loyal customers, and helping us succeed. New ownership will come at a later date, Spicy Thai Cuisine.

From the sounds of it, will we be getting some delicious Thai Cuisine on the north side??  As sad as I am to hear about Salad world, I do think some Thai Cuisine sounds pretty appetizing!

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