If you're from the Tri-State you know all about the Grey Lady that haunts Willard Library, now you can enjoy a beer inspired by her! 

This popped up on my Facebook and I had to share it! Turonis has a Grey Lady Pale Ale inspired by Evansville's very own, Grey Lady!  Now this isn't the first year Turonis has brewed up the spooky ale, but it's currently back on tap at Turonis for you to enjoy!

Turonis website describes the Grey Lady Pale Ale as:

A touch of Vienna malt and pounds of fresh Citra hops help this Pale Ale celebrate Evansville's favorite undead guest.

This beer is scary.  Citrusly scary.

Sounds like an ale that would pair perfectly with Halloween time, Fall weather, and a delicious pizza!

Of course if you're someone who loves ghost stories, and all things spooky, you will definitely enjoy stopping by WIllard Library, who knows you may just meet the real Grey Lady herself!


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