Unless your child is some kind of superhuman that is immune to any and every germ they come into contact with, you have started at least one day with your kid waking up and saying those four words no parent wants to hear as they're trying to get ready for work, "I don't feel good." You put your hand on their forehead to judge the situation, then take their temperature which more times than not confirms they have indeed "caught something." Before you call the doctor, you first have to call their school to let them know your kid won't be there which will be much easier soon if your child attends school at one of Evansville's public schools.

Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation to Launch New Absence Reporting System

Google Maps / Canva
Google Maps / Canva

The Corporation announced in an e-mail to parents it will be launching the new SafeArrival absence reporting system on Monday, October 3rd (2022). The system is designed to make reporting an absence easier and quicker for parents, and will allow them to report an absence 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That means if your child starts feeling bad sometime on Sunday and you've already decided they won't be at school the next day, you can go ahead and call it in instead of waiting until the morning. The system can also be used to report an absence in advance if you're kid won't be at school because of a family vacation, or if they will be arriving late or leaving early due to a doctor's appointment or something similar.

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The SafeArrival system will give parents the chance to report an absence in one of three ways

By Phone

Parents can either call their child's school directly and press 1 when given the option to report an absence, or they can call the SafeArrival's toll-free number at 844-434-0079, and follow the prompts. Once the absence is recorded, the system will give a confirmation number which the EVSC says you will need to write down and keep handy. They did not specify whether or not you'll need to provide the number at some point during or following the absence.

By App

There is an app for everything. That now includes telling your kid's school they won't be there. Absences can be reported through the SchoolMessenger app which can be found on both the App Store and Google Play. After creating an account, select Attendance then Report an Absence.

By Website

Similar to the app, the SafeArrival system also allows you to report an absence through a website after creating an account.


The beauty of the system is that if you have multiple children who are sick, or won't be at school for one reason or another, and go to multiple schools, you can report them all at the same time regardless of which one of the options you choose above.

For more info on the SafeArrival phone systen, visit the EVSC website.

[Source: EVSC]

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