The man in scrubs in the picture above is Evansville Doctor Charles Vincent who sees many patients every day at Deaconess Clinic Urology at Deaconess Gateway Hospital in Newburgh. He's very sincere about Urology and will calmly answer a patient's question with plain doctor-speak (even in French or sign language if you wish--he's fluent in both)  but he will get very passionate about two children's books he has written.

Book by Charles Vincent MT Publishing Evansville

"Meaner Than a Junkyard Dog" contains a great message about bullying. It's about a little pup Cody who is separated from his family and tormented by bigger dogs but grows up to be a mean Junkyard dog that enters the police academy and becomes a police K-9 crime fighter. Spoiler alert, there is a good chance he's reunited with his doggie family in the end.

Book by Charles Vincent
MT publishing Inc Evansville Indiana

"The Misfit That Wouldn't Quit" is a unique story about Bruno the buffalo who was born with a crippled leg. When a grass fire destroys the herd's grazing crop, Bruno tries to lead them to an untouched grassy area on top of a mountain. Maybe it's because Bruno speaks in a clever rhyming pattern or maybe he's just a natural leader that won't quit but he manages to save the entire buffalo bunch and becomes their hero.

Where can you purchase these books? You can't because Dr. Vincent donated them to charity. They have found their way to Amazon, where you can purchase the Kindle and hardcover versions right now.

If you happen to come across Dr. Vincent professionally, ask him about the children's books he's written and watch his face light up. He may even get excited enough to tell you his favorite joke about the proctologist who became an auto mechanic. No, I'm not spoiling that one.