On Wednesday, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, along with representatives from the EVSC and the Catholic Diocese of Evansville announced a new policy that will limit the amount of fans allowed to attend elementary, middle, and high schools sports in the city.

With COVID-19 still very much a concern in the area, the group announced they would be limiting fan capacity to two people per participant. Outside of players and coaches, participants include student equipment managers and cheerleaders.

Limiting the amount of fans allowed to attend school sporting events isn't new. Attendance has been limited at football games throughout the fall. In Warrick County, where I live, our son has had to purchase our tickets through the athletic office with a limit of four for varsity games. However, there has been no limit on his JV games, as typically fewer people attend those.

The difference between that policy and the new one implemented for winter sports in Evansville is that football is obviously outdoors. While masks are still required, there's more air movement, and hopefully less chance of spreading the virus. That's not the case with winter sports, all of which are indoors.

The group said the policy applies to boys and girls swimming and diving, wrestling, and boys and girls basketball. They also announced no fans will be allowed at any swimming events taking place at Lloyd Pool, the indoor facility on 1st Avenue just north of Central High School.

The policy will force families to decide who will attend their children's games. An unfortunate decision, but one that will have to be made to help ensure the health and safety of the public.

You can watch Wednesday's entire press conference in the video above.

[Source: Office of Mayor Lloyd Winnecke]

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