If you've been following the story of Kisska, you'll love this update!

Quick backstory, Kisska was rescued by our friends at It Takes a Village here in Evansville. Seven years ago she was adopted.  Here it is 2020 and through a weird twist of fate, ITV was notified that Kisska was recently located all the way across the country in a kill shelter in Los Angeles.  ITV lives by the phrase "once an ITV dog, always an ITV dog," so they've been working hard to get her back to Evansville. However it isn't as easy as just buying her a plane ticket and getting someone in LA to put her on a plane. Since Kisska is a Pit mix they've struggled to find an airline to accommodate her (I know, frustrating!), plus it's really expensive.

So they've worked and set up a transport with people who are volunteering to drive her home! I don't know all of the details yet of her transport, but just know KISSKA HAS LEFT THE SHELTER!! She's en-route to Indiana! We'll of course keep you updated as she returns home.

Sometimes it can feel like the world is a dark scary place, then things like this happen, entire communities have rallied together to help get one little pit bull home where she is safe. It just makes my heart happy to see so many good people doing good things.

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