Phone scams are nothing new, but unfortunately scammers are getting more tech savvy. Used to, if you got a phone call from a 1-800 number or an odd looking number, you could guess it was a scam call.  These days with technology many scammers are able to now "mask" their number.  When you get a phone call, it may look like it's coming from an 812 number, but in actuality that's just what the program makes the number look like on your phone.

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On March 8th, Evansville Police Department took to Facebook to warn of a phone scam, where scammers are using the number masking technology, to look like the number they're calling from is EPD.

Scam Alert!!!
The Evansville Police Department (E.P.D.) has received several phone calls about someone identifying themselves as an Evansville Police Officer, calling local residents and attempting to question/ intimidate them.
They are also masking their phone number with a genuine E.P.D. department number.
Don't fall prey to these scam artists. Officers will not ask for credit card numbers, or ask for you to pay for possible warrants you might have over the phone.
If you receive a phone call and question it's legitimacy, you can call the E.P.D.'s Financial Crimes Unit at 812-436-7991.
It's important to remember Evansville Police officers won't ask for your credit card information, or ask you to pay for warrants over the phone.  This isn't the first scam seeming to target people by pretending to be EPD, back in February there was a scam where people would receive an email, seemingly from EPD, telling them of a traffic ticket they needed to pay.  You can read more about that scam, here.

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