Detectives with the Evansville Police Department are hoping you can help them identify and locate the man caught on camera using a stolen credit card to purchase items at the Circle K convenience store on the corner of Fulton Avenue and Columbia Street in late July.

The Department released the following surveillance photos on their Facebook page Thursday afternoon which provide a pretty good look at the man's face.

Many of the people who have commented on the Department's post were quick to judge the man, or make snide comments over the fact that it appears he only purchased a soft drink and what looks to be a pack of gum, however, one woman offered sympathy to the man, claiming none of us know his story, or what may have led him to use the stolen card. Desperate times call for desperate measures, if you will. While that is true, and I agree with her in that regard, the rule follower in me says regardless of what led him to this point, he is breaking the law, and while this particular trip to the store may have only cost a few bucks, what's to stop him from using it over and over again, and what if the next purchase is a few hundred bucks? That could cause some serious financial problems for the actual owner of the card which isn't fair to them.

If you recognize this man, contact Detective Bobby Weis of the EPD's Bunco Fraud Unit at 812-436-7959. If the man has fallen on some hard times and felt this was his only option to get food, hopefully the court system will go easy on him.

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