We see so many bad and negative things on social media and the news that stories like this are really a breath of fresh air.

Over the weekend, an Evansville teen's lawnmower was stolen. Leland Goad is a 14-year-old who will mow resident's lawns to earn some money. He will even mow the elderly's lawns for free. I know Leland and his family through a local wrestling organization that I do some work with. He is a good, hard-working kid who is simply trying to make some extra cash to buy the things he wants on his own. A very respectable quality to have.

When he discovered his mower was stolen, he was devastated. Leland's family filed a police report with the Evansville Police Department. The officers decided to gather money from fellow west sector officers to do something special for Leland. Anthony Goad, Leland's dad, said that he and his wife received a phone call from one of the officers saying that they had something to give to Leland. So, Officer Seibert and Officer Siegel waited until the Goads got home to personally deliver Leland something that nearly made him cry. The officers purchased Leland a brand new lawnmower and gas can.

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After making connections with several EPD Officers, I have known for years that we have a great team that really looks out for the community. They go above and beyond to really reach out to folks, especially the youth. This is yet another example of how well these officers do at serving the community in ways that aren't necessary but are very appreciated. Things like this go a long way. They didn't do this for attention, rather just to do a good deed to help out folks in their community. Thank you, officers, for being a beacon of light in a world where it's much needed!

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