Regardless of whether or not you try to live a healthy lifestyle, or simply enjoy a cold, fruity beverage, I think we can all agree smoothies are good! Soon, visitors to the west side will be able to enjoy what those on the east side have enjoyed for the past couple of years when Evansville-based Sunshine Juice Company opens up shop on Franklin Street!

Specializing in raw, organic, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices created from produce grown locally, as well as smoothies, and healthy food options, Sunshine Juice lone location (for now, obviously) can be found at 6225 East Virginia, Suite C, between Burkhardt Road and Kimber Lane.

I was unable to find an exact date for the new location's opening, but by the look of the post below from Franklin Street Events Association President, Amy Word-Smith, it looks like the shop should be up and running sooner rather than later.

For more info on Sunshine Juice Company, including their complete menu of juices and smoothies, visit their official website.

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