Whenever we hear of a company or fast food restaurant test a new product, it's usually never in the US. It seems like Japan and Canada and other countries get to decide whether of not WE ever get to get to try any of the the new food items. If they don't like it, it's just too bad for us.

Well, that isn't the case this time around. Arby's is testing their latest delicious We Have The Meats offering. They are testing the Boneless Chicken Wings and Crinkle Fries in four US cities and Evansville is one of them. YES!


We not only get to help decide, we get to try them for longer than any other city. We have until March to try the bonelesss lings and fries. Let's don't disappoint the world, ok?!

Interstingly enough, according to Chewboom, Arby's is actualy actually owned by Insprire Brands, which also wons Buffalo Wild Wings. So, I'm thinking that these new boneless wings might taste a lot like  BDubbs. YES! I think we are going to like them. And, you can't really ever go wrong with crinkle fries, so we're good.

You can get a six or nine piece for $5 or $6. Sauses that are included are RanchSpicy Buffalo and Hot Honey.

If you try the Boneless Chicken Wings and Crinkle Fries, let us know what you thought.


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