A WKDQ listener shared an incredible story with us and now we want to share it with you. The story is of a dog, his neighbor, their friendship and a swing. If you need your faith restored, this will do it. Warning, grab a tissue.

This story is so touching, that it needs to be shared with anyone who has ever doubted their faith or lost hope when their world seems to be crumbling apart. Our neighbor and good friend, Don, had been very sick for a long while, and he and his family had to make the tough decision to put him in hospice last week. Don was a companion to our dog Drake on many summer days when we weren't home, or at work. He often gave him dog treats, pet him, let him hang out when he fished, and played with him. On Monday, Don's son called us and asked if we would bring Drake to the hospice center in downtown Evansville. Without hesitation, we loaded him up in the car because we knew how much Don loved Drake, and Drake him. We had such a nice time with him on Monday! Don fed him part of his sandwich and gave him some treats, as he often does at home. Don told us a funny story about when Drake knocked him down in the yard on accident when he was excited. :) Yesterday, I had received word that our sweet neighbor had passed earlier in the morning around 5 a.m. At around 7 a.m., Jon let Drake out to do his morning routine. We have an invisible fence, and Drake rarely goes out of the yard, especially in the morning because he anxiously awaits his breakfast at the door after making his rounds in the yard. When Jon went out to let him in, Drake wasn't around. Jon walked out into the yard and looked around the fence to find Drake sitting on Don's swing, looking off into the distance. He has never sat on his swing before yesterday. I am sure that it was a message to let his family know that he was ok and had found his final resting place in Heaven. Our God is amazing! Don will be greatly missed by so many, including his buddy, Drake. Please pray for my neighbors in this time of need.
*update 3-11-18- yesterday, our other dog, Coco, passed away. We knew it wasn't going to be long, but certainly weren't prepared to lose her yet. Drake lost two good buddies this week. He's getting lots of extra cuddles. 😘😢

Thank you for sharing, Jon.

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