Evansville city councilwoman, Missy Mosby, is know for real estate, karaoke, the color yellow and her love of dogs. She is a fur mama who loves her many fur babies. She calls her house Gilligan’s Island and will foster dogs along with her own dogs. She even started an organization to help dogs get adopted that is named after one of her beloved dogs that passed away, Buddy’s Promise.

One of her super cute dogs is named Mary Anne. And, she loves watching TV. LOVES it, especially cartoons. If a show interferes with her cartoons, Mary Anne will let you know.

I have never had a dog do something like this. Mine are totally oblivious to what is happening on the TV.  Mary Anne is SO into it, take a look.

Missy told me,

She also goes to online church with me and when Pastor Dale says let's pray - I ask her to pray with me and she will lay her head on my shoulder - she's just so funny

Did I mention she has a crush on Joe Byrd? When she sees him on the screen or in person she goes crazy. Missy told me a story of someone kidding around with Joe and pushing his a little, and Mary Anne came unglued. No one is gonna touch her man. Watch for the part where she spots Joe. Her tail starts wagging liker a crazy.


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