The Evansville Police Department is currently accepting applications from those interested in becoming officers, and released a new recruitment video Monday morning spoofing the popular Star Wars series on Disney+ to help encourage applications.

Like the show, the plot of the video centers around the Department searching for a special package, and features a few familiar faces including EPD Chief Billy Bolin and Officer Phil Smith. There's also a few other faces you may recognize, including a local radio personality who also serves as the ring announcer for Guns & Hoses, and who's article you're reading right now. Still stumped? Spoiler alert, it's me.

The video was shot over the course of a few weeks earlier this summer by the immensely talented Jakob Bilinski, owner and operator of local film production company, Cinephreak Pictures. You may recognize Jacob's work from the Audubon Chrysler commercials, and the Dream Car Museum Show that runs on the local networks on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

The scenes I'm involved in were shot at Lamasco Bar & Grill and the Evansville Police Department office in the Civic Center downtown, and it was so much fun even though it involved me getting thrown to the floor over and over and over again. And by, "over and over and over," I mean somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 to 15 times. See, we didn't do that all in one take. This wasn't some home video, or amateur production, no, this was a high quality production designed to encourage people interested in a law career to apply to the Department. Each section of that scene, from sitting at the bar, to throwing me to the floor, to the conversation with the officers were all shot individually. Each shot required lighting to be set the way Jakob envisioned it before we shot, then we shot each part numerous times from a variety of angles so Jakob had options when it time to piece everything together.

All that work and effort paid off in full as the video looks amazing. Due to the use of copyrighted material in the video, I'm unable to share it with you here. However, you can jump over to the EPD's Facebook page to see it by hitting the button below.

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