The Evansville Police Department reminded us this week just how valuable a well-trained K9 team can be to a law enforcement agency and the lives of its officers. The EPD recently held its annual Appointment, Promotion, and Merit Award Ceremony. As the name suggests, this ceremony recognizes newly appointed officers and department members who have received promotions and hands out any necessary awards. One of those Merit Awards went to one of Evansville's finest, and furriest - EPD K9 Cash, and his partner, Sgt. Offerman, who is slightly less furry).

EPD K9 Cash
Sgt. Offerman and K9 Cash (Facebook/Evansville Police Department)

The Southern Indiana Police Canine Association Inc. shared the story of the incident that led to K9 Cash and Sgt. Offerman receiving the award. Once you read what happened, I'm sure you will agree that the importance of police K9 units can never be overstated. Here is a recap of Cash's heroic actions.

K9 Cash was awarded a Bronze Merit Award for his act of bravery during a warrant service in April 2021. Officers were serving a felony warrant when the suspect ran out of the rear of the residence. Sgt. Offerman sent K9 Cash to apprehend the suspect. During the subsequent struggle, the suspect was seen reaching for his waistband, stopping as he attempted to get K9 Cash off of him. The suspect eventually pulled a handgun from his waistband - Sgt. Offerman and other officers wrestled with the suspect for control of the handgun. The suspect managed to raise the gun to his own head and fired off one round less than a foot from K9 Cash’s head. The suspect was eventually secured. During all of the commotion, K9 Cash stayed on his initial apprehension until removed by Sgt Offerman. K9 Cash undoubtedly saved the lives of officers that day with his unwavering service and loyalty.
EPD K9 Cash
Celebrating K9 Cash's birthday (Facebook/Evansville Police Department)

K9 Cash's story illustrates the level of trust that our K9 units have for one another. The dogs trust their partners and follow their commands without question. And the humans clearly trust their K9 partners with their lives.

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The Evansville Police Department K9 program is a volunteer program, and officers face a tough screening process to become members of this select group. K9 officers and their families understand that assignment to the unit involves commitment–caring for the dog and spending many hours away from home conducting training exercises.



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