If you haven't checked out Cracker Barrel's facebook page lately, something huge is going on and it all started from a post from a guy named Brad!

Evansville Police Department Official Facebook Page
Evansville Police Department Official Facebook Page

Brad's wife (we haven't found out her name yet) was apparently fired from the Corydon Cracker Barrel location after 11 years of faithful service (according to Brad's post on the Cracker Barrel Facebook page). Well Brad wants answers as to why she was fired, and the internet has started backing Brad by totally trolling the Cracker Barrel Facebook. Just go read any of the comments on there and you'll find hundreds of people wanting justice for Brad's wife.

The internet really is a beautiful place sometimes...

But then EPD posted this, this morning!

Hahahahaha! I love that our police department has a good sense of humor! I wish they were able to get more answers on what happened to Brad's wife, but I'm glad to know the food at the Evansville location is still just as delicious as ever!

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