When Dylan Scott brought his son, 9-month-old Beckett, to a recent interview with Taste of Country Nights' Sam Alex, the conversation naturally went to fatherhood.

Scott is a bit sleep deprived these days — he wakes up early for Beckett's feedings — but he's still looking forward to taking his young son out on the road with him. "I'm on one bus right now with 10 guys," he says. "Hopefully next year we'll go to two buses and bring the family out. We will put a crib on it. It's worth it when you've got your family out there."

Admitting that it was "bring your son to work day" with Beckett in his arms during his radio interview, Scott says his son is getting into everything at the moment. Beckett is crawling and spends his days exploring, so his parents have to "watch him like a hawk right now," Scott confesses.

But he may be musically inclined, too.

"I was hanging out in the living room playing guitar and he was watching every move I make. I was wondering if he could feel emotion to a song," Scott says. "I started singing something sad and emotional and I put words to it. I sang it real slow and emotional and he started crying. At that point he was only seven months old. That's kind of crazy for a 7-month-old to feel emotion in music like that."

"He loves music, he's all over it," adds the proud dad.

Scott has new music on the way and recently debuted a new track while performing at the Grand Ole Opry. Those in attendance got a special treat, too, when Scott's wife, Blair, walked out with his son.

"That was a cool moment. That was my third time to play the Opry and to bring your son out there ... and then I played a song called '3 AM' which is my first Daddy song that I wrote, that was really cool," he recalls.

Scott promises that the track will be featured on his forthcoming sophomore album and hopes that it will be a single, too. While he's not quite sure when the project will be released, he says it's ready to go when his label gives the the green light.

"We have a lot of new music done and ready to go. Whenever the label is ready to pull the trigger, I'm ready. I'm ready to release this stuff right now," he says.

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