You might be thinking... Duffy... Duffy... I know that name. THE DUFFY SHUFFLE!

Yes, friend, the people who brought you some fire food truck fare over the years have taken it to the next level. Nick and Courtney Duffy love making people happy by way of the stomach and their newest endeavor will not disappoint.

Duffy's Pubhouse, located at 5201 Kratzville Rd. (the former Kennel Club location) is Evansille's newest gastropub. It's 21 and over, so get a sitter and prepare yourself to enjoy bites, brews, bourbons, and bands. They are currently doing their soft opening (yes you can go in and eat) but will be doing a grand opening the weekend of St. Patrick's Day.

I'll be completely honest. Nick and Courtney have been friends of mine for years. They are quite literally some of the best people you'll ever meet. And a quick note about me - eating is in the top five of my favorite things in the world next to my family and dog. So, when they asked my husband and me to be taste testers for their new menu, all the stars aligned and I completely forgot about the entire last year that prohibited me from being able to go out to eat.

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I took my professional taste testing quite seriously. I was ready to give brutal, honest feedback. I have to tell you, I failed at this miserably because the Duffys, along with their general manager Oliva Parrella and kitchen manager/chef Rob Lacer have created a top-notch dining experience that's creative, fresh, and damn delicious. Even their signature drinks were beyond what I was expecting.

Now, I'm not stupid. I know what you are thinking - of course she's saying all of this because they are friends! I hear you... Listen, first of all - I don't lie. Second, if you don't believe me, check out these pictures. I mean... holy cannoli.

Duffy's Pubhouse Food Haul

From food truck fare to fine dining, Nick and Courtney Duffy have taken their dream to the next level. Duffy's, Evansville newest gastropub, is located on Kratzville Rd in the old Kennel Club location. They are 21 and over, so get a sitter and be ready to enjoy bites, brews, bands, and bourbons. Here's a sneak peek at their offerings.

And if you are thinking - well, what about my favorite food trucks Rock-a-Burger and Duffy Shuffle? If you hadn't heard, DS retired but is being re-imagined into Fire Chicken and Rock-a-Burger is still rocking out burgers. When I asked Courtney, she assured me that she has an awesome team in place to help her get it all done.

Good luck to the Duffy's and get out and enjoy some gastropub fare!


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