Two downtown Evansville businesses took to Facebook to alert everyone that they will be closed temporarily after there was confirmed COVID-19 exposure at their business.

The Peephole Bar and Grill,  and Sauced both had customers who tested positive for COViD-19.  Following that news both establishments announced temporary closures where they will be testing all employees, and deep cleaning.  They were both very outright and forthcoming with the information, that way everyone who may have been at these establishments when the exposure took place, can know.  Both incidents seem to have taken place on Tuesday June 30th.  Both establishments had a customer that later tested positive for COVID-19.

Here's the statement from Peephole:

So I learned last night that we had a customer Tuesday night that later tested positive for Covid 19. This person was reportedly symptomatic (cough) but chose to go out (no face covering) in several public places. We learned of this from others who were in close contact with the person.
All my staff were notified and have either been tested or have scheduled tests. One employee who works Tuesday nights received a positive test result this morning, another employee who works the same night received a negative test result.
I also contacted the VC Health Dept. last night and explained the situation. Given that we strictly follow all sanitization and masking requirements, the risk to you is considered minimal, however, you should take whatever precautions you think are necessary.

We are CLOSED.
Prior to reopening, the entire facility will receive a professional anti-virus cleaning treatment. In addition, all employees will be required to produce a negative test result. We will continue to deep clean all customer touch surfaces during hours of operation, and continue to sanitize the entire facility each morning as we have from day one.
Keep in mind, this virus is everywhere, it is indiscriminate in how it spreads. This is why masks and social distancing are critical. Be SAFE by being SMART.

And here is the statement from Sauced:

Due to COVID-19 exposure, Sauced will be closed until our staff comes back with negative testing results. We have been informed of one occurrence of a customer that came to the restaurant on Tuesday night, passed the temperature test, and then ended up having a fever Thursday and getting tested immediately. That test came back positive on Saturday morning and we closed our doors for Saturday night service. We were also made aware of an employee positive test this morning that was unrelated to this occurrence, as that employee has been quarantined this entire week.
Our full front of house and back of house staff is being tested and will not be able to work until proof of negative tests are shown.
As you know, the process of keeping everything sanitized and clean for our customers and employees is of utmost importance. We will continue to work with the CDC guidelines and the Vanderburgh Health Dept to create a safe working and dining environment. Stay safe and #maskup
Updates about our testing results will be coming soon.
Thank you,

Scott Schymik

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 like a cough, shortness of breath, or fever, be safe and stay home.

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