Talk about the 'Dog' days of summer, right? Have you ever wondered what it must be like for a dog with its head out the window of a moving car? It must be the best feeling in the world, right? I mean, have you ever seen a dog rolling down the road that looked anything except thrilled beyond belief? I do wonder sometimes what makes that experience so enjoyable for a dog. Is it all of the smells that their super-noses pick up? Is it simply the thrill of feeling the wind on their face? Whatever it is, it must be amazing, and I think it would awesome if it could somehow be duplicated for us humans.

This sweet puppy dog was recently spotted on the streets of Evansville, and luckily this observer was able to snap a pic before they drove off. Now that right there is an owner that knows how to take care of their buddy. Now the doggy can stick its head out the window and enjoy everything a warm summer evening has to offer, except for a bunch of bugs in its eyes.

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Shout out to the TriState Wx Facebook page for sharing the picture, and to Evansville Watch for sharing again - that's where I saw it. And apparently, throwing goggles on your dog is not that uncommon. Chris McGraw commented on the post with a picture of another spectacled pooch out for a leisurely drive. I've actually seen this husky before. My kids and I just about drove off the road the first time we saw it looking out the window at us.

Facebook/Chris McGraw
Facebook/Chris McGraw

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