When we use a shopping cart (or "buggy"), we are encouraged to return the vehicle to a designated holding area in the parking lot . Many of us do and a few don't. I would like to encourage you NOT to take the carrier to the holding area IF you have parked anywhere near a handicapped space.

Let me explain.

I have had both knees replaced and had a major league back operation which allowed me to get a handicapped plate. When I was recovering from the surgeries, I found that walking the few steps from my van to the store was very difficult.

However if some nice person left a cart nearby, I could use it similar to a walker and rest on it while I rolled to the store. I always left it for the next person because most people who park in a handicapped area have a mobility issue involving walking. If the shopper doesn't have their own wheel chair the cart/buggy is mighty welcome.

handicapped signs

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