The first hint of Christmas we get in any given year is in July, when retailers and car dealers especially, have 'Christmas in July' sales events. Most people think Christmas starts earlier and earlier every year. When I was a kid, you would not see the slightest hint of Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving and then all bets were off until Christmas Eve. Nowadays, Halloween and Thanksgiving barely get any attention anymore in the stores because Christmas is already on display.

 It seems to start in the back of some stores around early September and gradually expands to the main floor sometimes by Halloween and certainly by Thanksgiving.

The folks at Poll Position recently conducted a telephone survey of 1,072 registered voters and asked them if Christmas comes too early. A whopping 61-percent said yes, we start too early, 27-percent said we don't and 12-percent had no opinion and couldn't care less.

As you would expect, older Americans over the age of 65 felt the strongest about Christmas starting too early with over 68-percent saying it does. Younger Americans however between 18 and 29 are divided on the issue with 42-percent saying too early, 44-percent said not too early, interesting.

Men and women are also almost evenly split on the issue with 61-percent of men saying too early compared to 60-percent for women. You can cast your vote below.


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