There's a huge phishing scam going around the internet right now. Where you'll receive an email with an unexpected Google Doc. Many emails all over the world has been effected, but more specifically in town, the emails seem to be targeted people associated with EVSC. 


If you receive an email today with a google docs link, or a google doc sent to you DO NOT OPEN IT! Whether it's from EVSC or otherwise. This scam is all over the internet currently, but  has also now effected EVSC.  EVSC recently sent out an email stating this:

Important information for all EVSC student and staff computer users:

Within the past hour, EVSC computer users have been the target of a phishing scam that is attempting to acquire your password (NOT a virus). We have been in contact with Google, and it appears this scam is affecting computers worldwide. We are actively looking for solutions at this time. Please DO NOT open any Google docs sent to you in an email, even if it is from a known sender. If you opened a Google doc sent to you in an email this afternoon that asks for your password AND you entered your password, please send an email to You are safe to continue using your computer. Thank you.


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