Job Title

Hydraulic Cylinder Mechanic

Job Description


  • Checks tolerances, dimensions and specifications by using precision instruments, such as outside/inside micrometers, spring gauges (inside/outside), telescoping gauges, chrome thickness gauge, chrome hardness gauge, etc.)
  • Inspects torn-down components to identify defects and flaws
  • Lists and identifies action items that need to be taken and records findings onto the Inspection Report Form
  • Researches and orders needed parts, supplies and materials by completing BOM (Bill of Material) form
  • Summarizes specific steps that need to be performed to rebuild the product by completing the machine shop work ticket
  • Moves components by operating overhead cranes, jib hoists and pallet jacks, etc.
  • Assembles components by using specialized tools such as drills, presses, impacts, torque wrenches, Tuxco machine, etc.
  • Cleans parts by chemical or mechanical methods (i.e. parts washer, rags, wire wheels, etc.) to remove excess dirt/debris
  • References component information by logging onto computer, entering work order number or part number to retrieve blueprints, breakdowns, past history, inventory, etc.
  • Ensures precision equipment is maintained by following scheduled maintenance plan, keeping tools clean, calibrating and placing in secure locations
  • Secure all dimensional and or surface finish parameters before beginning hone process.


  • At least a high school diploma or general education degree (GED) is required.
  • At least 3+ years experience with hydraulic components
  • MUST have knowledge of heavy equipment Hydraulic cylinders
  • Degree from mechanical school a plus
  • Knowledge of tools/able to read micrometer
  • Pass drug test and background check


Part or Full-Time



First Shift

Second Shift

Third Shift

Company Name

Brake Supply Company


Company Description

Brake Supply was started in 1947 as repair shop for automotive brakes. In 1986, Brake Supply was acquired by Koch Enterprises, Inc. Over the years, Brake Supply developed expertise rebuilding heavy duty off road powertrain components and hydraulic cylinders. Today our exchange inventory is valued at over $30 million, allowing customers to keep their equipment up and running with minimal down time.

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