Wal-Mart has just about everything: I think it might be the only place you can get groceries while getting your oil changed, and then get a haircut as well as your taxes - all under one roof. Let's say you are in the market for an engagement ring and just can't afford a high-end jewelery store - Wal-Mart might be a great alternative, but that doesn't necessarily apply to everything.

They have probably been doing this for a while, but I just noticed that Wal-Mart sells caskets and they have a huge selection of caskets and Urns...who knew? I don't know, there is just something about buying a casket at Wal-Mart that is just a little weird and unsettling.

I am really not trying to make light of a situation like this, which is difficult enough, but I'm trying to imagine the conversation with the funeral home when you tell them you have already purchased the casket at Wal-Mart. It just sounds kinda wrong, doesn't it?

Again, sometimes you can only do what you can afford and if Wal-Mart offers you the most for your money, that's what you should do. At least you know you have choices and options, which is always a good thing even in times like that. Click here to see the Wal-Mart line of caskets and urns.