Jon Prell / WKDQ

The 90th Fall Festival got underway today on the West Side and they have many new food items in addition to the usual fare. One thing that is great and reasonably friendly in terms of calories is the 'Haystack', which is basically a taco salad with small fritos and chili and it tastes great. The 'Haystack' is available at booth #4, 30, 42,47,52,76 and 84. One of the new additions this year is deep fried Kool-Aid and I have never tasted anything more awesome. It tastes like a moist, perfectly baked sugar cookie and it is to die for. They roll powdered cherry Kool-Aid with some sugar and batter, then stick it in the deep fryer and finish it off with a little powdered sugar. The whole thing melts in your mouth and is SO good, you won't believe it. If you like to try new things at the Fall Festival, put deep fried Kool-Aid balls at the top of your list. You can find at booth #16, The Potter's Wheel. Even if you like to eat healthy, this is worth being a little naughty, trust me.