If you are a fan of the hit TV show The Conners, you might have noticed that Darlene has a lot going on in her life right now. SPOILER ALERT: she gets a new job as a Managing Editor of the Internet! Judging by how the scene played out, she will have a job that is similar to mine - Digital Managing Editor. But instead of being attached to radio stations, she'll be writing up blogs about Lanford's most unrefined.

I wanted to take the opportunity to write an open letter to Darlene about her new role. I've been doing this job for eight years so I have some advice. And I solicited some feedback from my fellow DMEs here at Townsquare Media.


Dear Darlene,

So, we have two things in common. One, your yellow house is, in fact, right here in Evansville, so technically we are fake neighbors. And two, as DMEs we are in this together. So, on behalf of myself and all the DMEs around the country, WELCOME! We have some friendly advice for you in this new adventure.

  • Being a DME has its perks. You can work at home if you need to. (Pro tip: Your neighbor's wifi has to be strong enough though to download videos to Facebook.)
  • You'll be called by lots of different titles. Digital Editing Webmaster Engagement Guru Manager Goddess of the Internet is pretty standard.
  • You'll be asked on the daily to fix the printer, email signature lines, ads, and really bad situations. Two words: play dumb. Repeat after me: What is a printer? What's the street address to this Photo Shop?
  • Puppies and babies sell. I know your job is to write about criminals but if you want them views view views views views, puppies and babies, Baby!
  • Facebook is a fair weather friend. Be nice to the Facebook and never ever look her in the eye.
  • Don't use your real name. Come up with a cool pen name like "Ashley S." Anonymity is key.
  • You'll be working with creative people. Tread lightly. Carry a big Thesaurus.
  • Don't use photos you don't own the rights to. I'm serious about that.
  • You can actually backdate on Facebook now. Or, so I've heard.
  • People love daily newsletters. LOVE.
  • People also love back cracking on Youtube. I don't really know why.
  • Mute your phone when you are on a conference call.
  • Never put your phone on HOLD during a conference call.
  • Don't REPLY ALL.
  • Read all the directions. (Sorry Valerie!)
  • Scrolling through Facebook for hours on end is considered work. I know, right?
  • Most people read on a sixth grade reading level, so he was kinda right.
  • When you are blogging lots of !! and ... and saying things like "y'all" is perfectly acceptable.
  • The "rules" change every day. Get used to it.
  • Be prepared, it's hard work. But it's the best kind of work there is. <3

That's it! The other DMEs and I are rootin' for ya! We can't wait to hear you say nerdy things like "SEO" and "socials"!!

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