David Nail has released "Heavy," his debut song in his brand-new outfit, David Nail & the Well Ravens. Readers can press play above for a first taste of the new track.

The song also marks the "Whatever She's Got" singer's first single since splitting with Universal Music. "Heavy" is a slower song that is rooted more in rock than Nails' previous releases. Instead of singing about the magic of love, the song is a cry from Nail about trying to get his girl back after they split up. The song is like he is singing directly to his lost love, "I don't want to lose you now / Gotta be someway, gotta be somehow/ Would you reconsider if I say I'd change /  If it gets too heavy I'll carry the weight." 

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Nail explains why he chose "Heavy" to be the lead single from his work with The Well Ravens. "In thinking about how to introduce this new music, I thought, 'If this is something that is different from anything I've ever done, should we go with the song that's the most different?" He says. "Should we go with the song that would have the biggest impact, and what would that impact even be?

"'Heavy' is over a year old," Nail goes on to say. When you listen to everything with a clear head, trying to be objective as possible, I just felt like it was the one song that always seemed to sustain itself. Every time I heard it, I thought, "Maybe I underestimate how good that is."

"Heavy" is available on iTunes now. More information about Nail, including his scheduled shows, can be found on his website.

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