Photos David Letterman on vacation in St. Bart's pop up online showing he is either really enjoying his post-showbiz life and doesn't care about his appearance, or he's auditioning to be the next Santa Claus.

The Indiana native, and former late night talk show host has managed to keep himself out of the spotlight since stepping away from The Late Show last May. That was until earlier this week when the photos below emerged on Twitter.

The beard isn't new. Letterman showed off the I'm-not-on-TV-anymore-what-do-I-care look back in November during an appearance at his alma mater, Ball State University.

A Conversation With David Letterman & Spike Jonze And Bennett Miller
(Photo by Ron Hoskins/Getty Images)

The shaved head look however is new, to the general public anyway.

While his appearance is a complete 180 from what we were all used to seeing when he still graced our televisions every weeknight, I give him props for not giving a damn about what people will think about his appearance, especially in a day and age where looks seem so important to most people.

With that said, we see good ol' Dave back on TV later this year in an episode of the National Geographic Channel show, Years of Living Dangerously, a documentary series focused on climate change. Letterman filmed his episode in India, apparently during the beginning stages of his transformation into Noah from the Bible.

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