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Considering the current national crisis, there are so many reasons to become a nurse in Indiana. There is a countrywide shortage of nursing staff, and in Indiana alone, there’s a yearly opening of 4,300 jobs, and there is an expectation that this number could rise to 5,000 jobs by 2031. There could never be a better time to join the health industry. 

Indiana hosts a multitude of universities and medical schools for training, which makes it simpler for anyone who decides to take on a career. The government of Indiana has also taken an extra step by providing some of the best resources for their nursing candidates. You can find a nursing school in Indiana by researching and weighing your options. 

The Nursing Journey 

Indiana presents aspiring nurses with a multitude of options on how to start their careers. There are also multiple flexible options when it comes to nurse training. In addition, online learning programs allow you to start your journey from anywhere. Here’s a process you can follow to become psychologically prepared:

  • Be prepared: Apply ahead and be determined and passionate. Don't relax because of a shortage; remember, nursing’s still competitive, so put your best foot forward. The earlier you decide to pursue your career, the better.
  • Get some advice: Schedule an appointment with enrollment advisors. Most schools have academic advisors who can assist you with admission. 
  • Do a personal assessment: Anyone pursuing a nursing degree must consider the required criteria for application. Timing is everything! Take an inventory of your support systems, financial capacity and career goals. 
  • Find the program you want: It's essential to find the exact career path that you want to follow. You could start on a 16-month accelerated bachelor in nursing (BSN) or go for a four-year bachelor program degree BSN.
  • Set realistic goals: Be realistic about how long it will take you to complete the entire program and what nursing specialty interests you.  

Getting the Registered Nurse License

To apply for your nursing license in Indiana, you first apply for authorization with the Indiana State Board of Nursing (ISBN). You can complete your application with the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) before you graduate, and you get approved once they receive a notification from your school that you’ve completed the degree program. If you’ve completed the degree program, you can take the NCLEX-RN exam, and the results are sent to be processed by the ISBN. The ISBN is responsible for issuing and renewing licenses to graduates and any registered nurses in Indiana. The process can take several months, so the system permits you to start the exam process before graduating.  

Reasons To Become A Registered Nurse(RN)

There are so many reasons why you can decide to become a nurse in Indiana, such as: 

  1. The industry is stable and growing. The occupation is in demand in Indiana, and passing all your tests almost guarantees you employment. Indiana will likely have more employment opportunities due to the aging and elderly community.  
  2. Indiana offers quality and accessible training programs. They offer accelerated programs where you can do a four-year degree in 16 months. You could also opt for online programs and study wherever you are. 
  3. The work is exciting and engaging. With this job, you must be prepared to engage and be on your feet most of the time, working with patients and other team members daily. Nursing presents new challenges daily.
  4. You can develop professionally. The nursing profession presents something new every day, and having a BSN also means you can advance to higher positions. 
  5. You can make a difference. Not only do you get to engage with patients, but you also get to change someone's life daily. 
  6. The working environment has variety. You can work in a school system, a clinic, as an emergency flight nurse, as a cruise ship nurse or in a nursing care facility. 

Time Taken to Become A Nurse in Indiana

Start by obtaining a high school diploma, and this is the minimum. Then, enroll with a college where you have to complete 15 to 30 prerequisites; this can take six to twelve months. You then become eligible to register for a nursing program if you obtain a good grade point average (GPA). 

Only go for programs accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) or the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN). Accreditation is crucial as it allows you to apply for financial aid and transfer credits if you pursue an advanced degree later. 

After a two or four-year program, you can apply for authorization to test for the nursing regulatory body, known as the ISBN. In Indiana, you could wait 30 to 60 days between graduating and taking the NCLEX-RN exam. If you fail, you can retake the exam within 45 days. If you’ve passed, the results come out in 6 weeks, which means you can now apply for licensing, which varies and starting the process before graduation is highly recommended.

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