What seems like the last 5 years, my mom has been talking about her 50th class reunion. The last year or so, she's been helping with her fellow class find classmates, get the activities together, and poor mom has been doing her fancy handwriting for name tags. Which, look amazing! I may be Tonight is the night of the reunion for Madisonville High School Class of 1968. So in honor of that, Ive chosen some of my favorites from 1968.


Hensen Cargil- "Skip a Rope" You listen to the children and what they talk about. Have you heard what kids say??? They have no filter and they don't lie, kids soak up more then what people realize.

Johnny Cash...... That's all I really have to say. He's the best. The live version of "Folsom Prison Blues" hit number one, while the original came out in the mid 50's and didn't do that great at all.


Can we just look at the un-aged Merle Haggard? First time I had seen a young Haggard, I didn't believe it. I was old antiquated to the older version, not that its a different person. It's like seeing your grandparents young for the first time. He had three songs hit #1 but Ive chose "Mama Tried".

Besides these three, there were a few other great hits. Tammy Wynette had both "Stand by your man" and "D-I-V-O-R-C-E" on the charts.Glenn Campbell, Bobby Goldsboro, Conway Twitty and Jeanie C.Riley also had songs to come out in 1968 as well. Of course the one from Jeanie C. Riley, was "Harper Valley P.T.A."


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