According to a new report put by The Nielsen Company, more and more households in the U.S. are going without traditional TV provided by cable, antenna or satellite services and those numbers continue to rise. Now, it should be noted that it doesn't mean they don't have TV. They are just using their televisions for something other than some kind of broadcast programming. Nielsen estimates that about 5 million homes that do not get TV signals of some kind are using their TVs to play games or get movies and shows from DVDs and services like Netflix or Apple TV.

Three years ago, about 99-percent of TV homes received some kind of traditional TV signal, but now that number has fallen to about 96-percent which is a significant drop as TV service slowly changes. As you can imagine, most of the decline is directly related to the economy and a family's need to make ends meet which is getting tougher everyday it seems. Cable or satellite is considered by some to be a luxury they no longer choose to pay for in an effort to save money every month.

Nielsen may actually redefine TV households to include people who get their programming from Netflix and other similar services without a using a broadcast signal.

Traditional TV viewing fell by 2-percent during the first three months of 2012 because people are spending more time watching recorded elements on DVRs or on the internet through TVs, computers and mobile devices and gaming devices are becoming the prime source for entertainment.