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It's no doubt this Winter has been by far the weirdest in recent memory. Our February seemed more like Spring, and we even had a 75 degree day in January, which is practically unheard of around here! And March has definitely started off interesting, we've had warm days, we've had some chillier days, we've had a tornado in the tri-state, we've had terrible storms, and it's only the 7th!

This week, we will be getting a sampler platter of all the seasons. It was 40s and raining yesterday, today it was 50s and sunny, then on Thursday we're looking at a forecast of 69 & sunny, oh and did I mention a chance of SNOW on Saturday??

Now as of right now it's still too early to tell, this storm could shift and we could just get rain (fingers crossed)! Or we could get some snow.

Southern Indiana Weather on Facebook is saying this currently:

The southern trend for the Saturday snow event continues in the modeling. Latest GFS this morning is now in with limited snow for Southern Indiana and a fairly robust event for Kentucky. Lots of changes to come over the coming days. As I said yesterday, I'm not sold on this yet. With every model run, it is getting harder to deny the data. But the trend is your friend. And the trend is to keep pushing south. For what it's worth, the Canadian the past two days has kept the storm so far south that it has no effect on us. Might the GFS be heading that way? Time will tell. I'll have a full analysis later tonight.

So it's looking not too likely we will be getting the snow, but I won't be mad about that!

Check out their map below

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