It’s time for round two.  As we have already discussed my sanity is out the window.  Missing a mental escape is one thing but now I think we all are really starting to feel the lack of social interaction.

With the stay-at-home orders now being extended to May 1st the level of eagerness to see other people we aren’t quarantined with has skyrocketed.  By now we have Zoomed as many people we can think of, played every board game with the kids and watched enough T.V. to last a lifetime.  It’s time to see some fresh faces.  Now, don’t take this as I’m two seconds away from running out the front door and hugging the first stranger I see.  For one thing that’s just being irresponsible and for another I don’t want my face rearranged by said stranger.

However, there is a positive to this isolation period.  I think it makes us appreciate each other more.  We can see that we need to be around other people more than we think.  A quick example…

Almost exactly a year ago Avengers: Endgame was released in theaters.  Going to the premiere of this film was top two of the best movie going experiences I have had.  (The other being my very first date - but’s that a whole other story.)  Anyway, what made this so much fun was the other people there.  I had gone to see this movie alone because at the time I was living alone in another state.  Standing in line with complete strangers talking about what we thought was going to happen and then getting to see the final product was purely awesome.  We all laughed, cried and cheered together during the course of the movie.  Walking out of the theater that night I was on cloud nine not just because I had seen one of the best movies of all time but because I didn’t feel like I saw it alone.

It’s things like that that I think we all are really starting to miss.  Going out to dinner, hitting up a bar or seeing a movie.   For you it could be as simple as a weekend visit with the family.  Whatever it is we will definitely appreciate it a little more when we get to do it again.

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