Clayton Anderson has been a longtime friend of the Q Crew Morning Show. The Bedford, Indiana singer-songwriter has stopped by the show several times over the years to play a song or two, update us on how things are going in his career, and just shoot the breeze about life in general. Whenever he's here, and whatever the reason is for his visit, it's guaranteed to be entertaining with a few good laughs.

We had the chance to chat with Clayton for the first time in awhile on Thursday. Thanks to COVID, we've haven't been having guests in studio as an extra safety measure, so we had to talk with the old fashioned way, over the phone. Like nearly every artist, regardless of the type of music they play, the pandemic hit Clayton pretty hard, not only did he himself contract COVID at one point, nearly every show he had planned got cancelled which put a bind on his wallet. During our conversation, he admitted he left Nashville for a bit and moved back home to Bedford to ride things out, and as the weeks dragged on, he even considered quitting the business and getting another job. Fortunately for us, he was able to book a few outdoor, socially-distanced, shows over the summer months which gave him the motivation to keep at it.

It's good thing he did. As it led to him finally signing a record deal for the first time in his career.

Take a listen to our complete, unedited, interview with Clayton in the player below to hear what the next steps are now that he's signed, and what other entertainment opportunities outside the music business his new team is giving him the chance to pursue.

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