The 3rd Annual Red, White, & Brauen Music Fest returns to Jasper, Indiana in 2023.

Rally Points Events has teamed up with Shoe Sensation once again this year to bring an epic country music festival back to Jasper for the third year. The lineup for the 2023 Red, White, & Brauen Music Fest has just been released, and it will surely be a music festival that you won't want to miss.

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3rd Annual Red, White, & Brauen Music Fest

The Red, White, & Brauen Music Festival returns to Jasper, Indiana on Saturday, August 26th, 2023. The event takes place behind Uebelhor & Sons Toyota at 788 West 12th Avenue. It is brought to you by Rally Point Events, proceeds from the event will be
used to purchase shoes for local children and veterans. This year's lineup for the Red, White, & Brauen Music Festival includes some prominent names in country music.

Clay Walker

Clay Walker has racked up more than 30 charted singles in his career and has 11 number-one-hit singles to his name. Some of his biggest hits include, “Live Until I Die,” "Dreaming With My Eyes Open," “This Woman And This Man,” "Hypnotize The Moon," "Rumor Has It," “Then What,” "I Can't Sleep" and "She Won't Be Lonely Long." Oh, and who could forget this one...

Easton Corbin

Easton Corbin broke onto the country music scene in 2010 with his hit debut single, “A Little More Country Than That.” He would then get another number-one hit with the single, "Roll With It." To date, Corbin has gained seven top-ten singles in country music. I can remember people comparing him to George Strait when he broke into country music, which is a huge compliment!

Deana Carter

Deana Carter has some of the most popular hits from 90's country. Everyone knows her songs, “Did I Shave My Legs For This?,” and her super hit "Strawberry Wine." She going to have the whole crowd singing along with her when she makes her way to Jasper, Indiana!

The 3rd Annual Red, White, and Brauen Music Festival will also feature Tim Montana, and Adam Warner.

How To Get Tickets

Early Bird Ticket Sales begin Thursday, March 16 at 9 am EDT. Tickets will be
available for $40 per person (plus fees) through March 22.

Advance ticket prices increase to $50 from March 23 through August 11. Ticket prices increase to $60 from August 12 through August 25.

Tickets purchased on the day of the show are $65.

Kids 12 and under are FREE with paid admission tickets (1 child per paid ticket,

Tickets may be purchased at

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