To help us all get into the spooky spirit of Halloween, during the month of October, I will be sharing some Tristate Haunts and Legends stories with you. These are real stories that have happened to people right here in the Tristate.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these stories and videos will creep you out. WARNING: Don't read alone.

I came across this story the Facebook group page I follow, Haunted History of Kentucky.  Becka C. shared a story of a Kentucky town that just seems to have disappeared. It's not even on a map. The legend behind the town will send chills down your spine.

Has anyone else heard this story before about Elsewhere KY it's in Callaway county just a few miles from were I grew up...

This can no longer be found on any map of Kentucky, not because of size, but due to reputation. The town has been “removed” from our existence. Apparently, on August 12th, 1936, the Elsewhere school teacher went mad and poisoned her entire class, save one who managed to get away when seeing other students die. On April 2nd, 1953 the town was listed in the Courier Journal as “abandoned for health and safety reasons.” The real reason Elsewhere became nowhere according to locals is because people who entered the old school house went missing. There are several reports of explorers just disappearing after they saw a child in the doorway. The last two college students to visit found bones and decay in the school house and its cellar. Things got out of hand, and one female ended up unconscious, supposedly due to a ghost attack. The curious college kids reported the findings to the authorities, and not long thereafter, the area was bulldozed. All remnants have been destroyed, but why go to all that trouble for something that wasn’t true?

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