For months, one 2020 movie after another postponed or canceled its theatrical release because of the coronavirus. Through it all, one film held fast: Christopher Nolan’s TenetIt was always supposed to open in theaters on July 17, 2020, and that is exactly where it stayed. According to reports, Nolan wanted his movie to be the first to reopen theaters after the the threat of the coronavirus passed.

But the threat has not passed. And when the most recent Tenet trailer premiered online it ended with the language “Coming to Theaters” without specifying a date. With cases on the rise in many parts of the country, and with the New York City market still closed because of the pandemic, Warner Bros. today announced they were finally pushed Tenet back — from July 17 to July 31. According to Deadline, in the interim Warner Bros. will put a 10th anniversary print of Nolan’s Inception into theaters, which will include “a never-before-seen look at footage from Tenet.

With Tenet finally moving, that means Disney’s Mulan is now the next major blockbuster on the release calendar; it’s scheduled to debut on July 24. But with Tenet — the film that seemed the most insistent on not getting pushed back — finally bowing to reality, it seems possible that more delays are ahead. Maybe a lot more delays.

Here’s the most recent trailer for Tenet:

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