Cheerios are known for their delicious honey nut cheerios and also their bee mascot, Buzz. And currently he's gone missing!  

Macro of honey bee eating nectar
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With Buzz being Cheerios mascot, Cheerios have taken an interest in the bee population. As I'm sure you've heard we're currently having a bee crisis. While some people see bees as a menace, they do more good than harm, so we should take every precaution we can to ensure the population of the honeybees.  Did you know 1 in every 3 bites of food you eat is made possible by bees and other pollinators? Or did you know that 70 out of the 100 human food crops are pollinated by bees?  In 2015 42% of bee colonies collapsed, which is really bad (source).

So Cheerios is helping everyone to do their help and not only bring Buzz their mascot back, but also bring back the honey bee population. And they've made it super easy for you to help and it's FREE!  Cheerios will send you a free pack of wildflower seeds. All they ask is that you plant them.

They recommend you plant them in the Spring after the final frost of the year.   I just signed up for my free back of seeds and it said it should take 4-6 weeks to get them, which gives this weird weather we've been having plenty of time to warm up and have great conditions for the wild flowers.

So if you want your free pack of wildflower seeds, you can sign up for them here. 

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