If you are a fan of adventure, this definitely sounds like the place for you. I know this summer many of us are wanting to go on vacation, but with the way things have been, many are leery of travelling too far, and are opting for destinations a little closer to home. One super popular tourist destination is Branson, Missouri.

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Branson is a bout a 6 hour drive from the Tri-State, but there's so much to do there.  From live shows to amusement parks, to an aquarium, you could spend several days there and not get bored.  I was recently looking into going to Branson to spend a couple days, and found this place that looked super interesting. It's a massive adventure park.

Fritz's Adventure to be exact, and it is a MASSIVE indoor adventure park where you could literally spend an entire day exploring, and not see the same thing twice.  Since it's indoors it's perfect if the midwest weather throws you a curveball during your vacation. Check out Fritz's Adventure below.

Check Out This Massive Adventure Park in Branson

Branson, Missouri is a very popular destination for many tri-staters looking to get away. There's so much to do there, and this adventure park is a must see attraction.


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