Escape rooms are so fun. Ryan went to one with co workers THAT was a mistake, LOL. I went with my kids and husband. If it had not been for the two strangers in the room with us, we might still be in there. Listen to our on air conversation about the Celebrity Escape Room special on NBC.

NBC Celebrity Escape Room Special - #QCrewQuickie

A part of NBC's annual Red Nose Day on May 21st. It will be followed by a two-hour show and telethon to raise money to help fight childhood poverty. The cast of celebs is GREAT. Jack Black is going to host, with players including Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow , Adam Scott from Parks and Recreation, and Ben Stiller. YES. Perfect cast.

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The four must then work together to decipher clues and solve puzzles to gain their freedom before the clock runs out. If they're stumped, they can ask the Game Master for three clues. Each room the quartet completes will earn money for Red Nose Day.

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