Fun fact: July 21st is National Junk Food Day. Who knew? Not me, but I'll gladly celebrate by grabbing a bag of my favorite chips, a package of cookies, a box of candy, or maybe a combination of all three. Typically when the craving for junk food hits, I'm more inclined to lean towards the sweet side of things. The aforementioned cookies or candy, a snack cake from Hostess or Little Debbie if we have some in the house, or my usual go-to, a bowl of ice cream. But does my preference fall in line with the rest of my fellow Hoosiers? What about our neighbors in Kentucky and Illinois? Let's check the data, shall we?, a career search website, recently analyzed 45 different popular junk food snacks in each state using Google Trends to determine the preferred snack of residents in those states. Here's what they determined are the first things we reach for when the craving hits.

Indiana - Pringles Potato Chips

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It looks like I'm in the minority compared to my fellow Hoosiers when it I need a junk food fix. Whereas I tend to lean toward the sugary side of things, the majority of the state prefers salty and reaches for a can of Pringles to feed their craving, which I can totally get behind. Give me a can of original, cheese or pizza flavored Pringles, and I'll gladly scarf them down. Likely in one sitting, because I have zero will power.

Kentucky - Fritos

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Our friends to the south in Kentucky also head the salty route when it's snack time, but the choose corn over potatoes and grab a bag of Fritos. A fine choice, and the best chip to use as the base of a walking taco. If we could only get them to bring back Bar-B-Q Fritos on a permanent basis.

Illinois - Skinny Pop


Apparently, even when our neighbors in Illinois get a craving for junk food, they still try to stick with a somewhat health option by reaching for a bag of Skinny Pop Popcorn. More power to you, Illinois. I'm sure it's a delicious snack, and you'll probably live longer than the rest of us because it's apparently a healthier option, but I'll stick with my Pringles here in Indiana if it's all the same to you.

To see what every state prefers when it comes to their junk food choices, check out the complete list at


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